Travel Industry Data News, July 22-26.



Russia outbound

26 July 2019

Some findings on the Russia outbound market, by RMAA (Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency):

[] 69% of respondents buy air tickets online. Almost as widespread as the US, where it is 77%.

[] If a traveller watches a video about their trip before travelling, 65% watch YouTube, 24% an airline video, 20% Facebook, 12% OTA, and then others.

[] Among those who flew domestically, 43% did not use offline at all, 28% used offline and online.

[] Digital travellers made up their mind faster: 31% of them decided to buy a ticket within several hours.

[] 60% use PC or laptop, 8% smartphones.

[] 53% travel on vacation in couples, 28% travel alone, 8% in a group.

[] 51% decide on a trip within several days of travel (not enumerated, NE). 15% book tickets for travel after a few hours (NE) after booking a flight. 8% buy tickets several months (NE) before a departure.

[] For 70%, the cost of the ticket is a priority.

[] 30% are members of loyalty programs.

[] 40% go on vacation in Europe, 31% domestic.

[] 38% take a 2-week vacation, 36% one week.

[] 33% of travellers change their mind on which airline during the booking process, 56% book tickets of the company that they considered from the beginning, 39% choose different offers at the end of the process.

[] 32% buy tickets of only one airline.

[] 72% rely on their experience, 2% on advertising, 9% word-of-mouth, 10% online search.

[] Of those that are loyalty program members, 45% always fly one airline, 12% would look only at offers from one airline, 43% considered offers from other airlines but eventually booked the original one.

[] For those who are not members of a loyalty program, the shares were 25% 30% 44%.


Hotel business updates

25 July 2019

[] STR (nee Smith Travel Research) reports:

-on Middle East hotels in Q2: occupancy +2.6% to 61.7%, average room rate -7.2% to US$147.44.

-on US hotels 14-20 July: occupancy -0.5% to 77.9%, average room rate +0.5% to US$136.49.

-on US hotels in Q2: occupancy -0.1% to 70.0%, average room rate +1.2% to US$133.01.


MasterCard surveys outbound

24 July 2019

MasterCard reports:

[] China moved from #7 in outbound travellers to ‘overseas destinations’* in 2009 to #2 this year, after the US. MC does not count travel from what it calls ‘Mainland China’ to contiguous Hong Kong and Macau (but it does count travel to overseas Taiwan, technically also part of one China), but it does count US travel to contiguous Canada and Mexico.

[] MC does not add numbers to its lists.

[] After the US and China, MC’s top-5 includes Germany, UK, France.

[] It notes Korea’s growth, but actually, Korea overtook Japan in 2015 to become No2 from Asia Pacific.

[] Top-3 countries from top-5 sources: US – Mexico Canada Italy, China – Thailand Japan US, Germany – Italy Spain Austria, UK – Spain US India, France – Spain US UK.

[] Top-3 cities from top-5 sources: US – Cancun Toronto London, China – Bangkok Seoul Tokyo, Germany – Mallorca Bolzano* Tiroler Unterland*, UK – Mallorca Paris Dublin, France – London Marrakech Barcelona.


-All destinations shown are not ‘overseas’, but international.

-Two of Germany’s top-3 are adjacent to one another, in northern Italy and southern Austria (and which is not a city but an area; its capital is Innsbruck).


TBA Tracking: Index, travel stocks

23 July 2019

The June ‘TBA-100 Index’ of travel stock prices, from the current editions of WYSK:What-You-Should-Know, published by Travel Business Analyst, shows: World 224, Asia Pacific 88, Europe 193, US 391. (Base: December 2006.)


TBA Tracking: Net-Value Travel-Tech stock prices and index

22 July 2019

Our NVTT* stock index, which measures stock prices of OTAs, platforms, and Amadeus, was at 144 in June. Previous month 130.


-eDreams growing fastest at +24%, and Travelport slowest at -18%.

-Three companies are still below their base listing price – cTrip, Travelport, Trivago.

-And those three are also below their end-2018 price.

-One, eDreams, joins Amadeus in doubling its 100 base price end-2014. It passed Amadeus and is now the leader in our Index.

-The company still in serious trouble is Trivago. If you invested US$100 in the company at end-2016, just after it listed, you could now cash in US$36.

*Notes: NVTT=Net-Value Travel-Tech. The Index includes three companies quoted in Europe, and five in the US – one of which, cTrip, is China-based, and another, Trivago, is Germany-based. Base-100 end-2014 for all except end-2015 for cTrip, end-2016 for Trivago.

Data from the current edition of our monthly Net Value report, published by Travel Business Analyst. Full-review of these and other stocks, including all-year comparisons, in the next edition of our Net Value report.




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