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Travel Stocks, Can’t get no statisfaction

Travel Stocks

Travel stocks (US, AsPac, Eur) in April.

Airlines: biggest growth, Hawaiian +17%; biggest fall, China East -11%.

Hotels: Wyndham +14%, Dusit -3%.

Tech: Trivago +37%, LastMinute -2%.

Others: ILG +13%, Hertz -6%.


Previous month: Airlines: biggest growth, Jet AW +18%; biggest fall, Norwegian -10%. Hotels: Wynn +19%, Jinjiang -7%. Tech: Trivago +11%, eDreams -8%. Others: Fraport +12%, HNA -27%.


TBA Travel Stocks Index: World 215, AsPac 99, Eur 175, US 371. Index previous month: World 200, AsPac 89, Eur 157, US 354.


NVTT (Net Value Travel Tech) Stocks Index: 137; previous month 127.


Stockmarkets. Biggest growth, Istanbul +6%; biggest fall London -2%. Previous month: Madrid +9%, Oslo -0.4%.


Info via Travel Business Analyst. Details in next month’s newsletters.



Can’t get no statisfaction

That’s what I feel after reading WTTC stats. We hope WTTC knows better, and that its head David Scowsill just wanted to make a point.


He noted that India was doing badly in visitors – comparing its 8mn annual with 57mn for China and 30mn Thailand.


Is it left to us to remark that this is not comparing like with like? China’s total includes visitors from Hong Kong and Macau – where many are working just across the border in Guangdong province. And Thailand’s total includes land-border sex-seeking traffic from Malaysia.


India would still be underperforming even correcting those – perhaps 25mn for both. But WTTC, which is proud of its travel-stats skills, should treat its audience better.




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