Rethinking Alternative Facts and Fake News

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TROTTINGS = Trip Jottings

Rethinking Alternative Facts and Fake News

I had always thought that the great polemic, started in the US, over Fake News and Alternative Facts was a mental-cum-political deficiency of those currently in power in the US.


I now believe it is something different. It is a Grammatical Deficiency on the part of Trump and the Trump Troggies (troglodytes).


I’ll explain:



Alternative Facts

The phrase is of course absurd. There can only be one fact about something, right? But no.


Rephrase it: Facts Expressed in an Alternative Way. One explanation is a half-empty/half-full cup. If you say ‘the cup is half-empty’, that is fact. That fact expressed in a different way is that ‘the cup is half-full’.


I realised this after reading a report (in Wikipedia, I think) where the report said (something like) ‘the CIA and the US Embassy deny involvement in…’ (the subject is inconsequential for my argument). That is, presumably, factually correct, but clearly the implication is that those two were involved.


Why did the Wikipedia report not add that the Russian Embassy, the Japanese bird-watching association, and the Barcelona football club, also deny involvement? That would be fact as well.





Fake News

My take on this is not so technical. But I believe that Trump meant “(this) is not worth a news item”, or “(this) is not a valid news item”. Perhaps he was speaking as though he were an editor/sub-editor.


But because of his limited grasp of grammar and the English language (read his tweets), he appears not to have the grammatical capability of saying precisely (when it is necessary) what he means.


He meant, if you will, ‘Irrelevant News’ or ‘Not Valid News’. But after he called it ‘Fake News’ the first time, grammatical probity was irretrievable. And the Trump Troggies piled in; perhaps they also are grammatically-inferior beings, or feared challenging the Great White Chief.


But I admit that ‘Fake News!’ is a better verbal counter than “I Am Of The Opinion That This Particular Item Of News Does Not Warrant Such Prominent Coverage”.





Johnson (Dr Samuel, the English man of letters, not the US ex-president or the UK foreign minister) would be turning in his grave. If the man ever existed, of course. Probably Fake News.



The Fox

Remember, I’m an intellectual in the parallel world.


Travel Stocks in March, Asia Pacific inbound/outbound

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Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning.

Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance.


Travel Stocks in March, Asia Pacific inbound/outbound

Travel Stocks in March

Travel stocks (US, AsPac, Eur) in March.


Airlines: biggest growth, Jet AW +18%; biggest fall, Norwegian -10%.

Hotels: Wynn +19%, Jinjiang -7%.

Tech: Trivago +11%, eDreams -8%.

Others: Fraport +12%, HNA -27%.


Previous month: Airlines: biggest growth, Air-France/KLM +37%; biggest fall, Thai -12%. Hotels: ShangriLa +13%, MGM -9%. Others: Boeing +11%, Travelport -11%.


TBA Travel Stocks Index: World 204, AsPac 95, Eur 165, US 352. Index previous month: World 200, AsPac 89, Eur 157, US 354.


NVTT (Net Value Travel Tech) Stocks Index: 127; previous month 125.


Stockmarkets. Biggest growth, Madrid +9%; biggest fall Oslo -0.4%. Previous month: New York Nasdaq +4%, Oslo -2%.


Info via Travel Business Analyst. Details in next month’s newsletters.



Asia Pacific inbound

Our calculation of AsPac visitor arrivals for latest-month November, in the current editions of the Travel Business Analyst newsletter, shows +7.4%; previous month +7.9%. Of the bigger markets: weak or in trouble Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan; doing well Indonesia, Japan, Korea (MERS in 2015).



Asia Pacific outbound

Our calculation of AsPac resident departures for latest-month November, in the current editions of the Travel Business Analyst newsletter, shows +3.7%; previous month +2.5%. Strong were Japan (yes!) and Korea.




The Fox

Remember, I’m an industry expert in the parallel world.