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TinT (Trump-in-Travel) – Europe Outbound; No light for Eurotunnel; Paris totals

Are these Tristics (Trump’s sad statistics), Fake News, or the New Truth?


Europe Outbound

I have just obtained annual outbound travel stats from Eurostat. Er, that’s for 2015. (Don’t blame ES – blame the countries that send the data to ES.)


Nevertheless, I have manipulated some data and get results that seem to prove that some sets of statistics are wrong. I have matched Eurostat data with the WTO’s outbound travel spend, to get per-trip spend.


The difference with some is so great that they cannot both be correct. I have not yet done annual comparisons, but just look at some differences:

-Per-trip spend is highest (of the major markets we track) for Italy – no less than US$3900.

-Germany – that actually has the highest total spend in Europe according to WTO. At US$930 per trip, just 25% of spending by Italy’s travellers!

-Switzerland is US$1200, which seems about right.

-Denmark, one of the supposedly wealthy markets, it is US$1000.


More, and more analysis in the March issue of our newsletter.




Eurotunnel; no light

Eurotunnel decides against transparency. Presumably because of falling passenger counts, it has:

-Stopped publishing Eurostar’s traffic. It had been falling all year, but was getting worse.

-Merged its car- and bus-traffic totals. Recently, we noticed that bus traffic was falling off, possibly because many go to the South of France, and that traffic fell after terrorist attacks in Nice last July.

-Don’t go to Eurostar for data. Its latest are for 2014!




Paris totals

On restated base figures, we estimate foreign arrivals into Paris fell 9% in 2016, although there was growth in the last two months of the year. Domestic arrivals did better, possibly ending the year flat, or -1%. (Core data via Tourmis; manipulations by Travel Business Analyst.)




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