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Europe’s big-3 airline groups* – all-2016

All-2016 basics for Europe’s big-3 airline groups:


Air France + KLM + Hop + Transavia.

-Seat sales 80mn +4%.

-Thanks to +6% KLM (now 61% the size of AF) and +23% for its life-saving Transavia – now 17% of the whole group.


British + Iberia + Vueling + AerLingus.

-Seat sales 101mn +6%.

-Data not given but we estimate AerLingus +10%, Vueling +13%.


Lufthansa + Swiss + Austrian + Eurowings.

-Seat sales 110mn +2%.

-Lufthansa and Swiss weak.

-Saved by its hybrid Eurowings +9%.


*A report on this topic in our Travel Business Analyst newsletter contains some important additional information and analysis. Our counts may be fractionally different to those of the three companies.



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