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Double WYSKs – Malaysia Airlines grows; Year-end for Europe’s big-3 airline groups.

WYSK = What You Should Know.


Malaysia Airlines grows!

Our indications are that international seat sales at Malaysia Airlines grew in September – the latest month we have. That would be the first monthly growth since December 2014 – the year of its two tragic incidents.


Despite the fact that growth in September was a strong 7%, the airline is unlikely to show growth for the whole year. Current YTD is -22%.




Europe’s big-3 airline groups – year-end

We estimate all-2016 growth in seat sales for Europe’s big-3 airline groups:


-Air France + KLM + Hop + Transavia = +4%.

-British + Iberia + Vueling + AerLingus = +4%.

-Lufthansa + Swiss + Austrian + Eurowings = +3%.



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