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Trottings: Exit – England out of UK.

I propose the England hold a referendum to leave the UK.


-No more social support payments to Scots, Welsh, and, worse, Irish from the North (NIWS). We’ll give that money saved to our English social service. (I think we should paint that on the campaign bus.)


-No more foreign immigrants taking our English jobs. (That’s Irish and Welsh and the Scots who can bear England’s mild climate.)


-No longer a parliament with foreign members (NIWS) that makes decisions on England-only affairs. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is based in Westminster. Many of its members are foreigners from NIWS; why should they rule our lives?


-We will establish our own parliament – and finally be equal. Northern Ireland has its Assembly, Scotland its Parliament, Wales its Assembly. Why not England?


-Hitler would never have allowed that.


-Devon and Cornwall can fund their own poverty. Oh, sorry, ignore that; they’re in England. We will take the money that we give to NIWS and give to those two counties. Oh, sorry, we’ve promised that money somewhere else.


-NIWS will no longer be allowed to use our own language, English, unless they make an annual ‘free-access’ payment.



The Fox

Trottings = Trip Jottings