Trottings: Shortcomings at Trip Advisor, AirBnB.

Trottings = Trip Jottings.

Shortcomings at Trip Advisor, AirBnB.


Trip Advisor would allow me to change my phone number only if I accessed my listing. And they would send the keycode to access my listing to my phone number. Yes, to the number that was no longer working.


I explained this Catch-22 to TA. They suggested I call them. I replied they should call me, as they had caused the problem.


I then received a reply saying that they had tried to call me, but could not reach me, so the number I gave them must be wrong. They suggested again that I call them, and gave me a number to do this.


I replied my phone number I gave them was not wrong, and asked when did they call, and please give me a time when they could call again. Also, I queried their number for me to call them – was the first number ‘1’ the local area code (in this case, Paris), or a country-code, Canada or the US. And could they give numbers instead of letters for the rest of the number because my phone had numbers only; no letters.


They replied. No response on explanations for the phone number (apart from repeating it), and nothing at all on recalling me. Just an “understanding of” my concern, and to assuage that concern, they suspended my account with them!


The moral of this message is that TA needs to look seriously at its call-centre operation. This one (judging from the names) is in India.


Meanwhile, for those who followed earlier my AirBnB fraud, still no response from ABB.


To recap, ABB took a commission on a booking where the host advertised something he did not have and which I needed (in this case, off-street car parking).


When I discovered the problem, I cancelled my booking. My would-be ABB host refunded my payment. But ABB not only kept its commission money, it has never responded to my messages, and continues to allow this false advertising to continue.


I accept that neither of these are big issues for these two big companies. But both show a shortcoming in their service, which they should not be too big to resolve.



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