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WYSK – Singapore’s Good News!

WYSK – What You Should Know.


It seems I have written just bad news about Singapore for the last few times. (Although I excuse myself as the DMO itself and many others did not seem to see the problems.)


Now, finally, some good news.


Government data I have (not from the DMO; its figures are a little later and a little different) indicate that Q1 visitors grew at 14%. That warrants a word I (over)use often – stunning.


Although this needs some contextual observation (Q1 was flat in 2014 and -6% in 2015), it is good nevertheless, and above the Q1 totals in those two years.


My other comments revert to type – negative.


I remarked at the start of this year – when the DMO forecast 0-3% growth for the year – that that seemed unduly pessimistic. That would have put the 2016 visitor total at 15.2-15.7mn. The total is now on track to reach 17.3mn. If the DMO were a private body, its CEO would have to explain how its forecast now looks so wrong weeks after its pessimistic forecast. And in a private company, he might even be fired.


However, I presume that everyone will keep their jobs at the DMO, and will even boast how well things are going, and isn’t the DMO clever? When you hear this, remember another comment I made at the time.


The DMO said when 2015 arrivals grew 2%, that “attested to Singapore’s on-going appeal as a vibrant leisure destination”. I remarked, “A 2% growth does that?”. How will it describe a 14% growth?




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