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Singapore Airlines group

The 4-airline Singapore Airlines group had its best month this year in July. Seat sales grew nearly 7%, which puts YTD just above (0.2%) its 2014 counts. Sighs of relief all round.



Washington Aviation Summary reports air pilot reports of drones in the US thru July were 650 +173%.



Another month of falling foreign visitors, now 4 out of 7 this year. That leaves YTD almost 1% down. Is this related to slowing economic activity (slowing growth, not slowing down) or something else? Outbound still seems strong – we estimate +14% but for a different period. And other measures, such as international airline traffic, are booming.



IAG (British Iberia Vueling statistically; plus Aer Lingus soon) is on a roll. Seat sales +10% thru August. Not all comparable figures are released, but it appears around 75% of the growth is coming from I and V – although together they are only about 70% the size of B.



Singapore data we have seen shows a turnaround in July in air passengers. Up 8% with particularly-strong growth on Thailand +18%, China +15%, Malaysia +11%, Japan +10%. But even the largest, Indonesia, was up, +3%. YTD is touching +2%. Not great, but nevertheless may indicate the end of Singapore’s 18-month hiccup.


Dubai airport

Dubai airport management says YTD passengers handled is 45.0mn +12.9%; our calculations indicate 51.2mn +14.1%.

Top of Form



Some serious falls in August. Our Travel Stocks Index shows AsPac has fallen 25% on end-2000 prices! And stockmarkets were in trouble also; the fastest growth was Dublin’s – but even that was down 2%! Read on.
Travel stocks (US, AsPac, Eur) in August. Airlines: biggest growth, Wizz +9%; biggest fall, Air Asia -36%. Hotels: MGM +4%, Wynn -27%. Others: Hertz +8%, Kuoni -25%.
TBA Travel Stocks Index: WW 165, US 296, AsPac 76, Eur 124. Index previous month: WW 175, US 302, AsPac 93, Eur 131. NVTT (Net Value Travel Tech) Stocks Index: 123; previous month 127.
Info via Travel Business Analyst. Details in next month’s newsletters.



When all counts are in for August, they should show that Ryanair in Europe has overtaken Southwest in the US to become the largest NFA (no-frills-airline) in the world. Caveats – there are bigger FSAs (full-service-airlines; such as China Southern), and on a YTD basis, SW will still be bigger than Ryan.




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