Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning.

Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance.


(PAGPFT (pronounced PAG-puffed); People Are Getting Paid For This.)

IATA/WTO/WTTC have created another organisation – GTAC, for Global Travel Association Coalition.

As an aside, all of us should wonder, yet again, why there are two world travel bodies doing the same thing. WTO and WTTC often say the travel business should speak with ‘one voice’. Why not start at home, and merge? (Answer: because they both like their jobs.)

And also aside, hoteliers among you should wonder, also yet again, why hotels do not have a world body worthy of that name. But they may answer because it is a waste of time.

Look at GTAC. It (ie IATA/WTO/WTTC) has just issued a call. Because these things must sound important, this one is ‘An Agenda for Growth and Development’ for the travel business for the next 10 years.

I have read through the points (there are ‘only’ 15 in five bite-size categories).

It is a list for ‘all things good’ to happen. And laughably unrealistic or self-evident.

Take just one: “Speaking as one to promote the Agenda’s implementation and ensure Travel & Tourism can be an effective driver of inclusive economic growth and sustainable development…”.

Or another: “Calling on governments to agree to national tourism policies that bring together all relevant government agencies while creating or strengthening public/private sector cooperation and public/public [sic] coordination of tourism planning and development at all levels.”

Or: “The use of new technologies to make travel more accessible, convenient, and more efficient while enhancing security.”

There is much to agree with. Although we are concerned that GTAC wants the government to control and drive most aspects of the business of travel. And particularly at IATA; most of its airline members want governments to stay hands-off.

But do they really think this can happen?

Of course, it will never happen. But this Agenda contains no figures, no dates, no specific action. So nothing can be measured. And so the program will be a great success. PAGPFT.

The Fox

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