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PAGPFT: Air France/Hop, ITBB/Mongolia.

(PAGPFT (pronounced PAG-puffed); People Are Getting Paid For This.)


Air France/Hop

An imaginary conversation.


AF/H Representative: “Air France has just created Hop Air France, a new regional airline.”

Observer: “Wait a minute…wasn’t Hop created in 2013?”


AF/H: “Ah. That was Hop; this is Hop Air France.”

Observer: “What’s the difference?”


AF/H: “The name, dummy; ‘Air France’ has been suffixed.”

Observer: “Ah, I see. So all names, websites, etc are being changed to ‘Hop Air France’?”


AF/H: “No, the airline’s marketing name remains ‘Hop’.”

Observer: “But then why add the ‘Air France’ suffix?”


AF/H: “Because it clearly links Hop to Air France.”

Observer: “But how will people know if ‘Hop Air France’ is not used?”


AF/H: “Stop asking silly questions. Of course there are other reasons, but I cannot say them because AF might have problems with the unions.”


There are more facts, of course, but they all lead to the same analysis. PAGPFT.





Mongolia was ITBB’s Partner Country in 2015.


I need to explain. That’s what Mongolia’s DMO writes, but actually the Partner Country period runs from one ITB Berlin to the next. So actually Mongolia was the PC from Mar 14 to Mar 15 – so closer to 2014 than 2015.


(PC for Mar 15-Mar 16, sort of 2015, is the Maldives.)


That explanation is one of the problems. Perhaps Mongolia has so much money that it does not need to worry too much about how that ITBB fee (US$5mn?) is spent.


But to get the date essentially wrong is pretty poor. Worse is the fact that ITBB did not tell the DMO.


Mongolia’s DMO ran a press conference at ITBB – all in Mongolian or German with live translation to the other. Did ITBB not tell the DMO that 1000 of the 5000 media attending ITBB are not German speakers? So 20% of Mongolia’s fee was wasted.


It distributed support material, primarily in English (!), plus a USB stick. The stick contained a (well-produced) brochure in German.


Excellent photographs indicate ITBB did provide some help. But the other matters make this Partner Country a bad deal for all except ITBB. PAGPFT.




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