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Trottings; Berlin eclectic.

I took a tour in Berlin. Sort of eclectic, although the organising tour company may not realise that is what it is offering. Think of Berlin Highlights as a type of association, with a number of separate tour companies associated with it.


As I said, my tour was sort of eclectic, although BH does not specifically offer this. I believe it should categorise its offers into broad labels – such as sport, culture, fun, east-and-west, etc.


My trip:

Olympic Stadium.

Not particularly impressive as a stadium, but for its history. It has a grand wide boulevard access, of which people such as Hitler and Mussolini would have been proud.  It was built by Hitler in only two years, after years of indecision by others. Carved on the wall by one of the entry points are some details of that year, 1936, and the medal winners. I am not sure if all winners because there are only about 60 names. The stadium reopened in 2004 and has been steadily modernised including adding a part-roof, and more seating – now for about 75,000.



CurryWurst Museum (yes).

Small but well done, and worth a visit just for those reasons. Includes a counter where you can buy samples and drinks. Includes singing ketchup bottles…I did say this was eclectic collection.



The Wall, billed in the German, Die Maur.

A newer entry in the list of places that commemorate that cold-war period. Near Checkpoint Charlie. This one is small but also well done. At ground level, pictures, information and videos. But go outside (actually still inside), climb a platform, and an amazing view awaits you.


You are looking out over a section of the wall as it was before 1989. You look from the west side over the dividing section – mined and patrolled – to the eastern part. Even a tower with East German soldiers looking at you through binoculars. This is like a giant photo – you see nothing else, up to sky level as well. There is even a viewing platform shown, on the west side, with people climbing up. And a run-down petrol station, just by the wall. This all so real and well done. I think I would put this on a 5-things-must-do-list in Berlin.



Dali Gallery.

Obviously Salvador Dali was an interesting man. But even if you are not particularly interested in him, this gallery may be worth a quick visit, for a quick introduction to the man and his work. There are about 450 drawings and paintings on display, with audio descriptions.




Visitors should take a trip, however short, on the river Spree. They usually cover interesting places, although not always the best such as Brandenburg, Reichstag, etc. This was a bit disappointing, but probably interesting enough to a newer visitor to Germany’s impressive capital.




There are others in the BH collection. In fact, 16 in total, and including a velotaxi, city tour in a VW Beetle (although it should be in a Trabant of course), spy museum. Contact:




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