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Scowsill soundbites.

An excerpt from our monthly People-in-Travel report.


Soundbites (may be paraphrased) from David Scowsill, head of WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council):



-The world’s travel economy (WTTC’s measure including economic activity in travel companies, and those serving it – such as car manufacturers providing vehicles for car rental companies) expected to increase 3% this year, and 4% over the next 10 years.



-Asia’s travel economy expected to increase 6% over the next 10 years.



-In 2023 China’s travel economy expected to overtake US. We think this will happen in 2020 at the latest, even given the current slow inbound business.



-The number of travellers from Brazil and China has doubled after our efforts to improve visa policies.


This is shameful humbug. China, for instance, has been working on visa liberalisation (even if still restricted) since the 1990s – long before the WTTC realised that China was emerging as an important outbound market.


And before Scowsill joined WTTC (2010), when he was involved in what turned out to be strategic errors at a Germany-based subsidiary of British Airways, and an important reason for the collapse of Swissair, with its purchase of TAT/Air Liberte.



-The travel tax in the UK (APD) causes a US$6.3bn loss of visitor revenue to the UK economy. Scowsill and WTTC have never explained their basis for arriving at this figure.



-Japan needs to cooperate with other countries because people want to go to visit more than one country in Asia.


This is badly-wrong analysis from an executive who should have a better understanding of the inbound business.


Most visitors (nearly 75%) into Japan come from within the region and are visiting Japan specifically. Scowsill may have been talking of the time when he worked in Asia, when only 40% of arrivals in Japan were from the region.




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