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February 7 2012



Trottings. British Airways, London Heathrow.



OME PAGPFTs (pronounced PAG-puffeds; People Are Getting Paid For This) following recent flights on BA via London.



[] An inflight announcement on my London-bound flight advised me that BA’s FFP members could use its Arrivals lounge when we arrived at London Heathrow. Wrong. I asked the chief steward, who made the announcement, but he was not able to deliver on his public offer.


I believe it is simply laziness. It is too complicated to say “gold members only” or similar, and most passengers would not be like me and question the steward. They would simply get disappointed if they wanted to get access to the lounge at Heathrow.



[] Two years after I first tried, I asked the crew what ‘Rainforest Alliance’ meant on the coffee cups they served. Well, like the coffee (bad), the response was unchanged – Don’t Know; something to do with the environment, they presumed.


And I don’t know what my experience means, because no crew member I have asked (now about 10, because the first one usually asks another member of the crew), knows. This must say something about BA’s crew training; after all, they probably serve these cups 500 times on a working day?



[] After security check in transit at T5 at Heathrow airport, you have a choice of going left or right for your departure gate. That’s just it. The display boards are at the far right and far left, so you don’t know which direction to go until you get to the boards. I presume 50% of passengers go the right way; the other 50% have to double back in the other direction.


Couldn’t the designers, who hopefully were paid good money for their professional skills, work this out? Not only could they have saved the cost of one display board, but also provide a better service.



[] At the airport, there is a sign for bus transfers (although, as I have noted earlier, management prefers the odd terminology “dedicated coaches”). It reads “Boarding” or “Due”. I now know that “Due” means “Not Here Yet”.




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