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July 14 2011


Trottings. Europcar fails again.



T has taken 45 days for Europcar to answer my query. This is what they said:



Europcar: The returning office was closed because it was a holiday.

Yes, but my printed contract said it was open that day, from 1400-1800, because it was a holiday. It wasn’t.


E: It is not possible to refund the credit card account.

(I needed to pay it differently, but could not because office was closed.) Note, they are not saying they will not refund the credit card, but that it is something that cannot be done. I reckon systemwide, they do this – refund CCs – 100 times daily.


E: As a gesture for the trouble, the invoice will be reduced to a lower-category car.

i. Thanks. The €10 saving that represents helps to go towards the extra costs I incurred because they broke the contract terms.

ii. They might have reduced the invoice, but they still deducted the full amount from the credit card bill!


This response came from the UK office. Still no reply from Hong Kong (the base of the booking), and which passed my problem on, to France (location of rental) I think. France replied asking for more information (information which they already had, but did not look up), and for my contact information. After that – nada.



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