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June 24 2011


Trottings. Cathay Pacific and Europcar.



 PDATES on my trials with Cathay Pacific and Europcar.


In fact, the Cathay Pacific matter is more of a game. I complained that their Upgrade Certificate – to apologise for an earlier mis-service – was so wrapped in conditions that seemed to be designed to get more money out of the customer. And not to say sorry.


My complaint included a plea – please do not reply to this complaint. Because I knew it would be meaningless platitudes. Well, I failed. Cathay replied, managing to address not one of the about-five points I raised.


So I sent back a reply asking them to confirm by email that they would not reply.


Guess. I got a reply, although admittedly only an automatic one. On the basis of the other, I will need to wait about three weeks to see how they respond.


Europcar is a more serious matter. After a broken contract, they still extracted money from me from a deposit-saving credit-card imprint. I believe their act is illegal – because they broke the terms of the rental contract – but we all know the usually-high cost of proving you are right.


But, if what they did is bad, Europcar’s inaction since then is worse. I have sent 7 messages via their website under a category for ‘invoicing’. Each time I get back an apparently-human response that the site does not deal with invoice matters. The obvious question is why then include it as an option.


It invites me to file another form – this one all in French (the rental started in France), which then tells me it will be three weeks before I get a reply. It is now four weeks.




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