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June 22 2011


Trottings. Cathay Pacific loses customer.



 ELL, I tried. Cathay Pacific gave me an upgrade certificate to compensate for some bad service. But the certificate was covered with so many conditions that it seemed more designed to get a little more money from me than to say ‘sorry’.


I was not able to use it, so I sent it back with a letter saying something similar to the above paragraph.


I added a plea. ‘Please do not send me one of your corporate reply letters saying “We are sorry……we aim……highest standards……”’


What did I get? A corporate letter saying……well, nothing, really, but an insult to my intelligence nevertheless. It said, for instance, that the certificate had expired. Not one of my points was addressed. If it was a machine that replied, then I understand. If it was a human, then it is time to buy a machine.


But will my reply, via Cathay’s site, beat the machine?


I made a couple of points, and then asked them to confirm by email that they would not respond to my message.



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