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January 20 2011


Trottings. ATF Cambodia, Bangkok, Langham, Easyjet Berlin.



EPORTS from ATF in Cambodia, Bangkok airport, Langham Hotels, Easyjet in Berlin.


[] THE key Travex (travel exchange) part of this week’s ATF (Asean Tourism Forum) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has reported new figures.

Although earlier reporting a sell-out, organisers TTG Asia Media now say it has sold 518 booths, not 500. And there are expected to be 442 buyers, not 400. However, total delegate numbers are unchanged – 1600.

[] Airports Authority of Thailand wanted its Bangkok Suvarnabumi to be “one of the world best” by 2009. Most assumed it failed, partly because protesters shut down the place in late-2008.

I can therefore exclusively award it that accolade. Unfortunately, it is also one of the world’s worst. As, of course, are all airports – both “one of” the worst and the best.

[] Langham Hotels says that if personalities personified its hotels (although they didn’t put it quite as cleverly as me), then: Audrey Hepburn is Langham; Richard Branson is Langham Place; Cameron Diaz is Eaton – although she might have something to say about that.

Meanwhile in China, the group used a popular singer there for celebrity endorsement of its new hotel in Shanghai. His name? Lang Lang.


[] For departures at Berlin Schonefeld airport, UK-based Easyjet has desks marked ‘Online check-in/Bag Drop’. But most desks read ‘See the Scorecard’.


I have no idea what that means, and English is my native tongue; Easyjet should know better. By elimination I presume it is for those travellers who have not checked-in online.



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