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July 14 2010


Trottings: Into Italy.


 AM in Italy, on holiday.

Drove down from the south of France to Rome on the coastal autostrada and superstrada. Italy has a low speed limit on the autostrada of 110kph (it is 130kph in France). I generally drive at 120-130 in Italy, but need to keep an eye on the mirror – not for police but for the stream of cars travelling at 150-175, and the occasional one closer to 200.

After Rome, now in Poggio Bustone in the nearby hills. Poggio is the birthplace of Lucio Battisti. Not the pre-Castro dictator in Cuba (actually Battista), but the pop singer of the 70s/80s.

For those who don’t know him, Battisti should certainly be one of the greats in pop music and certainly deserves a high place in the international scene. I would put him in the world top-10, up there with the Beatles, Elvis, Jackson, etc.

But because he sang mostly in Italian – although he also spent some time in Los Angeles – he is hardly known outside Italy. For a taste, try on You-Tube – Il mio canto libero, Emozioni, Il nostro caro angelo – preferably the studio versions, not live performances.

Battisti died in 1998, reportedly of cancer. In Poggio they say the reason was kidney problems, but that might be the same thing.

I am not in Poggio for Battisti, but it is nice to be here because of that connection. There are still many from the Battisti family here, but this is the extended Italian family, so I may know more about Lucio than many of them!

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