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May 26 2010


IT&CMA and CTW 2010 in Bangkok. Going ahead.




ANY might think that IT&CMA and CTW exhibition and conference scheduled for Bangkok this October might be threatened, following the disturbances in the city. Indeed, part of the Central World complex, where the event is held, was badly damaged by fire.

However, the Centara group, owners of the complex (which includes the exhibition centre and hotel), says damage to part of its facilities was minor, and primarily smoke- not fire-related, and thus still in service.

And TTG Asia Media (TTGam), organiser of the event, adds that some exhibitors – it noted Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea (and Seoul) – have increased their exhibition space by 20-50%.

I presume those were booked before the Bangkok troubles, but I am nevertheless surprised about such big increases (although this partly depends who added 20%, and who 50%, etc), and why TTG did not release this boosting information before.

This could, of course, be a post-economic-crisis boost.

Or the additional was booked post/during the troubles, and there are hidden market incentives – for instance, discounts for booking additional space. As I never tire of saying, even I could easily get every exhibitor to double their space booked. How? The extra space is free!

Not surprisingly, Darren Ng, managing director of TTGam, is not as devious as me:

“The increased participation affirms Asia Pacific’s desire to further expand the MICE industry in Asia. Choosing IT&CMA is testimony of their confidence that the event can deliver superior business prospects.” Oh, ok.

The Fox