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May 11 2010

Trottings: Passing comments on Shanghai.



WAS in Shanghai last month for TTG Asia’s IT&CM China exhibition. This was my first visit to the city.

[] Shanghai is enormous, with a modern skyline and a lot of grey buildings; architecturally, little is left of Chinese heritage.

[] The scale of the city is enormous. Like many post-communist countries, there are a lot of imposing buildings.

[] Even though my origins are Chinese, I feel distinctly a foreigner. The Shanghainese putonghua is far more polished than the Mandarin I learned.

[] What a business in amazing original-looking imitations! It is Fake Bazaar Heaven there.

[] Communication is difficult, even for a tourist speaking some putonghua asking for simple directions.

[] The salesgirls can count in many languages but can barely string together sentences in English.

[] I even had difficulty to get cab driver to understand to take me back to Gran Melia Hotel in Pudong – although it is a new hotel in a city with many new hotels. Finally I got a passer-by, a young German, to explain directions to hotel in putonghua to the driver.

[] So much for Deng Xiaopeng unleashing the 60 years of pent-up Chinese capitalist instincts.

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