Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning. 

Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance.



2008 June 20







British Airways’ Open Skies. ‘People are getting paid to do this…’

I am still respectful of authority, despite all the growing and continuing evidence against it.


So with the airline Open Skies, sic (I am obliged to add the ‘sic’ because surely no-one would name an airline so?). I assumed that British Airways, of which OS is a subsidiary, knew what it was doing. But when I started to think (admittedly, not a frequent occurrence), I noted:

-BA has started two other airlines in recent years, DBA and Go. After floundering, both were sold for a song (well, €1, which might be worth a bit less).

-OS is part-starting its flights (Paris-New York) by contracting flights to another airline, L’Avion (sic). Who starts a new airline with flights operated by another airline?

-L’Avion? Eh? My French is good enough to translate this as The Aircraft? Does that sound like a good name for an airline? However, I suppose there is at least that link with Open Skies (sic), which also doesn’t sound like an airline.

-And they are in good company; well, were. Eos went bust a short time ago. I thought Eos was a new Greek wine and was determined to try it. I now understand it was an airline…pity, because it is a good name for a wine.


Back to Open Skies, sic. I have now learned about OS’s cabin configuration – three classes, with only 82 seats, in a B757.


At the top will be ‘Biz’ (sic; that word again), presumably because BA thinks ‘Biz’ is hip; ah well.


Then there is ‘Prem+’ (sic; sorry). Wait a minute…I presume Prem is a (hip?) abbreviation for ‘Premium’…but my thesaurus puts ‘premium’ as ‘top’, ‘finest’, ‘first class’. But people at BA – who are getting paid to do this – have decided that it is time for a change. And so Premium gets knocked down a rung. So shouldn’t it be ‘Prem-’ rather than ‘Prem+’?


After Prem (sic; which, remember, is after Biz, sic) is economy class. No ‘sic’ needed, surprisingly, because the OS economy class is called ‘economy’. Surely that’s a trick? Not ‘Eco’ – too green? Not ‘Cat’ – for cattle? I suggest ‘Simple’, no, ‘Plain’ – which might at least leave a hint that Open Skies, sic, and L’Avion, sic, are airlines…



The Fox