Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning. 

Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance.

2010 February 26


I have been told I should apply my natural cynicism to traveller reports, rather than only for travel business developments. On the basis that ‘frank’ can be a synonym for ‘cynicism’, I will give it a try. Thus a new name – Trottings.


Trottings: Concorde Inn at Kuala Lumpur airport.

This report is on the Concorde Inn, part of the HPL hotel group (which includes not only Concorde hotels but Hard Rock and some resort hotels), at Kuala Lumpur airport. I was a sponsored guest of HPL.

There is a shuttle bus from the main airport terminal. Access is more complicated from the no-frills-airline terminal (LCCT) – you can either take the airport shuttle (costing MR4) to the main terminal and catch the Concorde shuttle, or take a taxi. Going back from the hotel to the LCCT is simpler, because at the hotel you can book a shuttle to the airport.

When the new LCCT opens (it is due end-2011, but many think it will be later), the Concorde will be closer. The hotel has a package with rates that include transfers from the LCCT, but we think management will extend the hotel shuttle service to the LCCT if demand appears to warrant this.

Something special about the Concorde Inn (CI) is its size, layout, and thus ambiance. The hotel buildings are spread over 5ha, but the whole site is 9ha in total. This gives the place more of a resort feel than an airport hotel. For instance, I turned up for my interviews in shorts.

In terms of facilities, CI has six categories of its 338 rooms, seven (modest/functional) meeting rooms, and a business centre (open 0900-1700; outside those hours, check with the front desk).

For leisure/pleasure, a small gym (open 12 hours daily), and a court where tennis, badminton, or volleyball can be played; using this is free, but use of equipment is charged. CI also has a football pitch – good for corporate meetings!? In fact, there is something for team building – an ‘obstacle course’ with eight obstacles, which must be tackled with a supervisor.

There is also a swimming pool (open until 1900), plus small pool for kids, and a pool bar – for adults! And a spa, run by an outside company and open 1000-2300; includes massage rooms, jacuzzi, sauna, massage shower, etc. I’m not so good on this topic, so there may be something essential to the description that I have left out.

Each block of rooms is called ‘Terminal 1’, etc, although to me I thought of the negative meaning of ‘Terminal’ rather than ‘airport’-related. But there are CCTVs everywhere – probably important for an airport/resort hotel, as many guests will be unfamiliar with the place. Tours/transfers can be booked from a tour desk in the lobby.

After this year’s F1 car race (in nearby Sepang), the coffee shop (now open 24 hours daily) is due to be closed for renovations. All the changes have not been decided (or at least not announced), but I do know some changes will be made to match Concorde’s new corporate style and colours. And the restaurant’s buffet and ‘activity’ counter (where a chef will be seen doing his work) will be extended. Currently seating 300, the numbers will be reduced slightly.

The Fox