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2008 June 06


Playing politics. New York visitor targets.


Last year NYC & Company (the official marketing and tourism organisation for New York City) announced that Michael Bloomberg, mayor of the city, wanted to attract 50mn total visitors annually by 2015.


At that time, I reported that this would require what seemed an easy-to-achieve annual average growth of 1.4%. In other words NYCC and/or Bloomberg were assuming the public was rather dumb when it comes to mathematics.


But now it seems that NYCC or someone else has done the maths as well, because it has issued a new announcement saying Bloomberg is “accelerating” his target. And the city now plans to reach 15mn visitors in 2012. It says arrivals have been better than anticipated – 47mn in 2007, which would have meant a 7% increase.


Well, if NYCC is very poor in maths, someone seems good at playing politics with the figures. Because even this new target requires an average annual growth of only 1.2%.


Surely this is not a lead-in for a later announcement that NYCC, Bloomberg, and everyone, is doing such a wonderful job that the target has been brought forward yet again?


So I think I will spoil the fun and say that if New York does not count 50mn visitors this year, B & NYCC are doing a bad job.


The Fox