FOXTROTS  Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning.  Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance. 


Ideas. Changing the way we work.   

Some ideas, maybe most, come by accident. Here are two recent ones that hit me:   

During a meeting with the head of Emirates, Tim Clark, I asked him how he planned to improve the transit process particularly at Dubai airport.    

Currently, this is not ‘consumer comfortable’ for any airline. But for Emirates and its two main local rivals Etihad and Qatar, this activity is more important – because of the high ratio (around 50%) of its passengers that are in transit.   

Clark gave me an answer – but one which meant he had no answer. So I thought about it and now have an idea.   

Instead of a transit card, all transit passengers should be given a GPS phone/device that gives directions to help them find their flight – and other information. For those that worry about loss, the device (which could also be programmed to disable itself) would be needed for boarding their connecting flight. They could not board without it.   

Meanwhile, down in Australia, I was once told by the head of marketing of the country’s visitor bureau, Tourism Australia, that communications has changed so much it needs to look at a much wider range of methods to reach its target audience.   

To illustrate the point, one example given was getting something that signifies Australia into a ring tone option on mobile devices.   

Taking a cue from TA’s current marketing theme – SWTBHAY, So Where The Bloody Hell Are You? – I present the proposed content of a ring tone:   “It’s your bloody phone, mate”. 


The Fox