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2007 March 16



Travel and the environment. 


More companies seem to be selling their environmental attributes. From around the world: 


– Projects at
Brisbane airport include a man-made freshwater lake, on-airport recycled water treatment plant, and a recycled water pipeline.


The airport has halved water consumption over the past 12 months and targets another half over the next year.  


– Amazon Nature Tours, a Brazil-based tour operator, has launched Expedition Cruises. This is a 7-day cruise within a new reserve in the centre of the Amazon – created by the Institute for the Environment by combining smaller ones. It is large enough to preserve the biological diversity of this still-undeveloped part of the Amazon. 


Customers explore the rainforest on foot and from the ship’s launches to discover plants and animals, as well as navigating in unmapped territory. Groups of up to 18 will be led by naturalist guides. 


– World Wildlife Fund in
Canada has teamed up with Canadian tour operator Horizon – which specialises in luxury travel – to develop a formal travel programme for donors and others interested in travel experiences that would bring them closer to nature and the work of the WWF. The proposed line-up for 2007 includes the
Newfoundland, and
British Columbia in
Canada, and internationally to
Cuba and


France’s railway company, SNCF, has introduced an ‘eco-indicator’ – which not only compares fares and time for a trip on a train, plane, or car, but also a pollution index.


For example, Paris-London by train costs US$88, takes 100 minutes, and has a ‘CO2 index’ of 3.7. A flight is US$137, 80mins, and 103 CO2; a car is US$158, 300mins, and 161 CO2. 


– Taj Hotels and Conservation Corporation Africa have formed a joint-venture to develop luxury lodges in wildlife and natural parks in


The first opens this month – Mahua Kothi in the Bandhavgarh national park. Then Baghvan on the edge of the Pench national park, due next January or February, then others in Corbett, Kanha, and Panna tiger reserves. 


The maxim, says Taj, is to “leave the lightest footprint” by using local materials. CC Africa will train and monitor the naturalist guides. 


– Kenya-based Governors’ Camp Group is building a luxury gorilla-watching lodge in
Rwanda. The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, with six cottages and two suites, located by the Parc National des Volcans, is due to open early 2007.


The project has followed environmental and ecological guidelines, and has involved establishing a community trust that benefits some 5000 families living in the surrounding area. 


The African Wildlife Foundation, the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, and the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks, are working to ensure the lodge will have a positive impact on the area.