Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning.  Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance. 



2007 March 26



Starwood x2. New brands. 


The two Starwood companies are introducing new brands. 


– Starwood Hotels* is introducing a new extended-stay hotel brand – Element. The new brand is described as “smart design, modern style”, and providing a “social” environment with design features inspired by nature, where guests can be “in their element”. 


Lobbies will be lit by natural light from multi-storey window-walls while public spaces within the hotels will include a water feature. Amenities include a courtyard and patio where guests can sit by an outdoor fire pit and barbeque. 


Starwood anticipates 500 Element hotels worldwide – but the timescale is not known. The first is expected to be in
Lexington, Massachusetts

in early 2008.


The first hotel in Starwood’s other new brand – ‘Aloft’, a mid-priced, reduced-service version of W Hotels – is due in 2007. This brand is also expected to total 500 hotels by 2015. 


– Starwood Capital* goes for green. It has launched the ‘1’ hotel brand, which it describers as “luxury, eco-friendly” hotels. 


1 hotels will be based on environmentally-sustainable internal and external design, and will follow green construction and operating principles together with a commitment to consumption of natural resources. SC wants to demonstrate that green principles can coexist and enhance a luxury hospitality experience. 


The US Natural Resources Defense Council will be an environmental advisor on 1s – with the initial goal of setting a new standard for environmental excellence and, over time, to transform the entire hotel industry. And each 1 will donate 1% of its revenue to local environmental organisations.  


The first four 1s – all in the
US – will be new-builds. The first may be in
Seattle, due late 2008; others are

Mountain ski resort (
Scottsdale (
Arizona), and
Fort Lauderdale (
Florida). The first international 1 will be in
Paris, a renovation of an existing hotel. (SC bought 800 hotels in
Europe in 2005, most of them in
France, and in 2006 launched a luxury brand under the name of one of them, the Crillon in


Other target locations are
Los Angeles, New York, and
Washington. The aim will be to have 15 hotels signed or under construction within two years.


*Starwood Hotels and Starwood Capital are no longer directly linked.