Fox – sly.  Trots – left-leaning (Trotsky) plus its more insalubrious meaning.  Foxtrots – leading the industry in a dance. 

2006 January 30

Hotel brands, and a toast? 

Brands 1

Talking of hotel brands, I will never admit that I am not always the brightest light on Broadway, so this is a story about a friend. A friend who thought that the Evason brand of Six Senses was a spelling mistake for ‘Evasion’!  

Like some other brands – such as Centra, Crowne Plaza, Formule 1, and Welcom.  

After all, that is what Evason’s resorts were all about – evasion from the harsh world. (However, perhaps that would be a better name for a tax-specialist accountancy company, or perhaps for a challenger to the Big Four accountancy companies…)  

But my friend has now learned that the Evason resort brand is (almost) the combined first names of Six Senses’ founder Sonu Shivdasani and his wife Eva. My friend hopes that the company’s investment includes matrimonial consulting sessions.  

Now what could one of the group’s other brands mean – Soneva?  

Brands 2

Still on brands, I asked Spain’s Abba Hotels, seriously, where did their name come from? They answered, seriously, “We wanted a name that would put us first in the phone book.”  

They obviously have not heard of Aadvark Hotels, named after famous former singing group ‘The Aadvarks’.  

Fix me a drink

Did you note that new heads of two big hotel groups – Hilton International and Starwood – are from outside the industry? From Black & Decker, which makes handyman tools, and Coca Cola.